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How To Stop Mold Growth in Your HE Front Load Washer

High-efficiency front load washers are sleek, energy friendly and an all-around better choice in appliance than their rather unpredictable top load washer and dryer counterparts. There’s really only one downside and that’s the mold growth that permeates through the entire machine if it’s left long enough to linger. Today’s high-efficiency front loaders are designed with a very specific water-tight seal gasket in the door that holds moisture of all kinds in. That same gasket provides a safe haven for mold and mildew to grow and fester because it’s dark and kept moist. With high-sudsing detergents and liquid fabric softeners added to the mix, the washer is constantly coated in a filmy residue that makes the washer an absolute breeding ground for bacteria. This renders the washer rather ineffective at its sole purpose of washing and removing bacteria.

How Do You Stop Mold in Your Front Load Washer?

The process of removing mold from your front load washer, unfortunately, involves encountering mold. You’ll have to get deep down to make your washer clean and fresh smelling once more.



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